Monday, 28 August 2017

WALT: Create a Describe Map About Miggery Sow From The Tale Of Despereraux.

For reading this week we had to make a describe map about Miggery Sow. She is one of the characters in the tale of Desperaux. Here is our describe map I did with Samarah!

Monday, 14 August 2017

WALT create a descibe map about Roscuro/Chiaroscuro from The tale of Despereaux.

For reading this week we have been reading the tale of Despereaux and we had to create a describe map about him.This is the describe map about Roscuro I did with Samarah I think it is descriptive but we needed to add more deatail earlier.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

WALT Create a Describe Map About Desperaux

For reading this week we have been reading the tale of Despereaux and we had to create a describe map about him here it is!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

F WALT Use Show Me Don't Tell Me Description Skills

The Majestic Creature

Ugh this old  rusty rudder has fallen from my ship. What can I do now? out of nowhere lots of majestic flying animals passed by me. They looked like the were gracefully doing ballet. Then they  went hovering over my ship. I went to the bow of the ship and I grabbed the weak  rope and lassoed the rainbow animal. Sadly  the rope broke so the extraordinary creature flew away into the evening sky. After that another creature passed by and I knew that I didn’t have another choice but jump on the animal. As I jumped I felt the soft,silky,smooth and colourful mane.They were creating rainbows on the clouds that looked like fluffy,pink candy floss.

I like the way you described the creature. By Krish and Sebastian

Can You Guess What The Creature Is?

For Writing We Had Watched a Video and We changed The Turtles Into A Different Animal and use our show me don't tell me skills.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

This Is My Pepeha A Bit About My Family History And Where I Come From

No New Zealand(Manukau) āhau

Ko  Puketāpapa  tōku maunga

Ko Manukau  tōku moana

Ko Halsey Drive te kura

Ko Pravin Sahay tōku papa    
No Fiji ia    
Ko Raagni Kamal tōku mama     
No Fiji ia     
Ko Pradeep Kamal raua ko Arjun Sahay tōku Koro     
No Fiji ia     
Ko Chandra Kamal raua ko Savitri Sahay tōku Kuia  
No Fiji ia    
Ko Prisha Sahay tōku Teina

Ko Ranya Sahay tōku ingoa